HPS provides engineering, project consulting, sales, service and educational services on hydraulic, pneumatic, filtration, fittings, pickling and flushing systems. Besides, produces Hydraulic Power Units, Hydraulic Control Block, Hydraulic Valves Stands, Centralized Lubrication Systems, Hydraulic Cylinders and customer specific, tailor made Hydraulic and Pneumatic machinery. Most distinctive features of HPS from other companies are its experienced staff, strong engineering-project-system analysis infrastructure and keeping customer satisfaction at its highest point. HPS, holds an important place in Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Automation, Special Machines, Design and System. A leader company in the sector with the way of solving issues with its expert and experienced staff in and out of home projects. Operating headquarters in İstanbul, Germany Sales Office, Adana Regional Sales Office, Bursa Regional Sales Office and production facilities in İzmir, HPS’ top priority based on customer satistaction is to response quickly and on time to its customers and be reacheable 24/7.